Oh boy…

The Borders I work at officially announced that we will be closing next Tuesday. So, I will then become a full time writer….in a way. Definitely a starving artist. I hope to be able to finish my novel while I hunt for future employment. This morning I passed page 150. And the words just keep flowing. Then it will be rounds and rounds of editing.

On a more exciting note, I found an artist that will hopefully finish the cover of “Alienology” this week so that the Library and Doc can get that sucker out. We’ll see. I’m very stoked about this, for not only did I edit the book, but I have a co-written story with the talented T. Patrick Rooney inside.


2nd Review

2nd Review of Eric S. Brown’s “Bigfoot War” now up. This one caught me up. If there was one book to buy for the weekend, it’s this one. Check it out…

On the Hunt

As I stumble through the 2011 Writer’s Market, compiling a list of potential agents to contact, I find that very few are actively searching for horror writers. They classify Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult as “literary” fiction. Hmmm… it was to the best of my knowledge that literature was a lasting piece of writing. So then, will “The Notebook” or “My Sister’s Keeper” outlast any of say… Stephen King’s novels. Only time will tell. I know he is the exception, but I just feel that horror needs to start being accepted as a form of art. In the fifties science fiction writers were looked down upon, their work was thrown out as garbage. So by not even considering horror writers, isn’t that just what agents are doing today? A slap in the face I tell you….


Put a character you’re working on in a situation you have lived through. Use an event close to your heart, one that has affected you dearly. Make him narrarate the occurence through his own eyes (not the authors!). It’s a good exercise to seperate your emotion from the character’s.

First Review

Posted my first review of John McCuaig’s “The Church”. The novel is published by the Library of the Living Dead, who focuses on printing lesser known authors. The horror market is taking a huge step forward with all of these interconnected small presses. I’ve been on the circuit for about a year and have come to discover a wealth of great writers. This could be the future of horror. If you are a writer (or reader) of spec fiction I suggest you join their forum and those linked to it. There are great listings for open submissions and also the opportunity to bond with others of similar interests. Link on the sidebar to the sites.

Writing update…

If you haven’t checked yet I started to post links to free fiction. As far as my writing goes, I hit page 100 today. Though I’ve written two novels…this is the first one that feels right. The other two I started to type, but they were sloppy and the characters were flat. Knowing where you want to go helps. However, my distaste for outlining remains. More to come…and much more to re-type, refurbish, and revamp.


March 18, 2011

Welcome, welcome…  figured I’d post this creepy clock picture I took to get things started. Love the grey against the sky. Ominous. If you have stumbled upon this blog, subscibe and friend me on Facebook! With this blog, not only do I plan on updating my writing, but also (hopefully) offering some links to free fiction, interviews, and book reviews. So, stay with me as I build this sucker.