Review and Update

So, I posted a NEW REVIEW of James Melzer’s “Hull’s Landing”. It’s offered as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Go Get It!

Also, we’ve started to receive submissions for “Writings On The Wall”, the first anthology from Seven Archons. If you haven’t heard of Seven Archons yet, you can check us out at Guidlines are on the site.


Free Novella…

Just wanted to let y’all know… I posted a new link to a free novella under the FREE FICTION tab. Right on!

Open Submission…

Okay… the cat is out of the bag. Along with a fellow writer, and friend of mine, I have started Seven Archons. This will, for now, be a small two-manned venture. We will be compiling and publishing anthologies geared towards fans of darker fiction and fantasy, that mash-up “genres” and lay to rest the tableau that spec-fiction cannot be of a literary quality . Our goal is to not only publish established authors, but to help unpublished authors break out.  At first, we will only be working on one anthology at a time, which is actually open for submission right now.  As we are a two man crew, funding out of pocket, we will be doing this first anthology as more or less a “love of writing” project. I predict that after this first anthology is completed we will be able to offer contributor copies for future works, if not pay for acceptance. What are you waiting for? I said SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN!

For more information and guidelines to the anthology, head to

Sign up for the forum, as well as some of the other great spec sites connected.



They used to feel personal to me. It felt like they were rejecting me as a writer, I mean the story had spawned from my evil imagination. When acceptances started flowing in last fall, I learned to take rejections as more helpful than hurtful. Like chicken pox… everbody gets ’em. What fueled me was when I started to receive feedback on my writing in the rejections, even from such notable publications such as “Weird Tales”. It showed me that they had seen something in that rejected work. Not everyone will like your writing, but if I cared about what other people thought I probably wouldn’t be working towards writing as a career. I received a kind rejection today that told me there wasn’t anything wrong with the story, but they felt it would work better as a novel. So, maybe there is a direction after I finish what I’m working on. Rejections tend to come in threes, and then an acceptance. Two more to go.


If you don’t know, I’m very enthusiastic about eating organically grown food—free of preservatives and meat from animals that have been treated humanely. I understand that some people could not care less about these things, but it is dear to my heart and lifestyle. Some say that it is wrong to eat animals all together. Hell, if it works for them. I can’t give up meat. We were created with a rounded diet in mind….part meat, part veggie. Like I said, whatever works for you.

What I am particularly bothered over is the fact that I recently checked the ingredients for a local “upscale” restaurant, which serves steaks at 30 bucks a pop. One would assume that if they have the gall to charge that much, not only would the service be stupendous, but the meat of the utmost quality. However, searching further into their resources I came to find they are supplied by some Midwestern company that feeds their cattle “corn-fed, vegetarian” diets. Seriously? If you’re going to charge $30 for a steak I better be getting some Grade A, grass-fed, hormone free cow. I wanna see pictures of these things roaming.

I wonder what happened to quality? Does nobody take pride in their work anymore? Where is the passion? What if i was to half-ass my writing? I wouldn’t be published. Therefore, I put every ounce of my being into my writing and don’t ship it out until I feel it radiates. That’s not to say I want my steak to radiate…that would be gross. I want what I’m paying for.


So, “Alienology” is in the final stages. The cover came back and looks amazing. T. Patrick Rooney is currently formatting the interior. This book should be out in no time. If you still haven’t joined their forum, get over there. Support a small press…

Show and Tell

This past week my seven year old nephew had show and tell. My brother asked him if he wanted to show the class a book that his uncle had stories in. My nephew gave him the eyes and shot back: “Dad, I want to bring my lightsaber.”

I can’t say I blame him. It is Star Wars