Meep Meep!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! “Alienology: Tales from the Void” is out now on Amazon. Get it at This book is loaded with amazing stories. If you are a fan of alien speculation, fiction, movies—anything—you have to check this book out. T. Patrick Rooney and I also have a story inside, called “Sector C”.  It was one of my favorite stories to craft. Thanks, Uno, for giving me a shot! I enjoyed the experience so much.

Currently, I’m re-drafting my novel and shopping for a market, while editing another author’s novel. So busy, so busy. Submissions have also started to  pour in for Seven Archons “Writings on the Wall”. Some really great material has been coming in. Hopefully, we’ll see  more sweet stories from you authors out there in the month of June.

 A new book review in the near future! Now go have a drink…